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Agile Human Framework

  • A quick and easy to follow process for getting the stuff done related to what is most important to you
  • A way to plan, commit to, manage and complete weekly tasks and activities to get that stuff done
  • A daily support process to maintain accountability, discipline, and a self-managed drive to get stuff done
  • An escalation path to assist you in overcoming obstacles and share successes
  • A process to review your progress and move forward with getting stuff done

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The Agile Human: Simple Ways to Assess, Organize, and Improve Anything.

Designed to be a take along companion to, this book provides details, exercises, and in depth documentation for the Agile Human framework. You will find the core information for Agile Human Behavioral Competencies and Assessments, Agile Human Values, Agile Human Process Framework, Process, and Policies, Domestic Science, Facts & Statistics, Process Thinking, and Good Change.

Coming Soon!

6S Success!: Home Edition

Designed to be the one book Agile Humans need to experiment with domestic science, 6S Success!: Home Edition lists a group of 6 activities streamlined to help you organize and clean any space in any home.

Process Kaizen: How to Document and Improve any Process (and everything’s a process)

Designed to be a how-to guide and reference to train best practices and standard work for the implementation of good change, this book provides step-by-step activities to document problems/opportunities, define current state processes, measure performance of processes, analyze process inputs and outputs, reduce waste, and dramatically improve the processes in your life.